Adreaux is an eccentric scientist and engineer in the employ of D'nelica, who is best known for his invention of the Sea Anemone, an incredibly powerful anti-Nevi robot. He is an antagonist in the first game, but uses his skills to defend Hekseville in the second.

Adreaux in Gravity Rush 2

Adreaux as he appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Male
Appears in Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush 2


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Gravity Rush Edit

As soon as Kat gets back from Boutoume, Adreaux requests Kat's assistance in an experiment. He trying to use probes to gather information regarding the nevi and sends Kat out to place them.

Later in the game, as D'nelica is making his big announcement, Kat sees Adreaux standing beside him. Aujean tells her that he is known as D'nelica's right hand man. He tricked Kat and was actually gathering info about her using the probes in order to capture her.

He was caught up in the self-destruct explosion of the berserk Sea Anemone at Neu Hiraleon but seems to have emerged relatively unscathed.

Gravity Rush 2 Edit

He is seen at the end of Gravity Rush 2, where it is shown that he perfected the design of the Sea Anemone while working for the Rebels, and has the ability to remote control a large number of them to attack Elektricitie.

He is, however, knocked out when Elektricitie uses her immense power to obliterate one of the Anemones in a single blast of lightning, and ultimately fails to harm her.

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