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Gravity daze conceptart tCGem
Alias as he appears in Gravity Rush
Gender Male
Appears in Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush 2


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Gravity RushEdit

Alias is one of the secondary antagonists of Gravity Rush. He wears a round metal helmet with cloth around his head and a striped suit. Little is known about his history, although his primary goal is to acquire as many Sacred Gems around the towns of Hekseville for an unrevealed purpose.

Alias first appears when Syd enlists Kat's help to stop a sacred Gem from being stolen from the Master Criminal, Alias. After Syd's instructions to swap the real gem with a fake, Kat returns the real gem to the meeting place only to have Syd transform into Alias who vanishes with the Gem. The real Syd stumbles out of the bushes, dazed and confused about what transpired.

Alias reappears later with a plan to steal another sacred gem from the town of Endestria. Predicting this; Syd and the police force swapped the real Gem with another fake, putting the real one under heavy guard. Anticipating the trap, Alias tracked down the Gem's locations and knocked out all the Elite guards. Upon arriving at the scene Kat and Alias squared off, with Alias using the power of the crystal to combine with the Nevi. Alias was able to keep total control of the Nevi unlike other people who Kat had previously interacted with. Summoning clones of himself, Alias tried to distract Kat but was unable to replicate the Gem itself making the real Alias more apparent to Kat. As a result Alias transforms into a dragon like creature, which Kat dispatches with her special attack, separating Alias from the Nevi. Alias falls into a moving trash container and is crushed to death by a trash compactor.

After Kat returns from her one year disappearance she is awoken by multiple Dustys. Alias appears taunting the Gravity Queen. After Kat collects all the Dustys in the area and unlocking a new power, Alias reappears stating she has performed beyond his wildest expectations and removes his mask in front of her. Kat is seen to be shocked by the reveal, however the player does not get to see him. Waking up, she joking states that it could not be who she thinks it is, implying that Kat knows the identity of Alias.

Alias again reappears causing trouble around the town of Pleajeune. However, following Alias around the city, Kat realizes that something is not right with this Alias especially when the Nevi appear, causing Alias to panic. Tracking down Alias, Kat finds him surrounded by Nevi which Alias requests help fending off. After saving him, Kat unmasks Alias. It is revealed that this Alias was in fact Kat's Number 1 Fan who put on the Alias disguise to get closer to Kat.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

it is revealed that his true identity is none other than Syd, a former attendant of Kat's during her time as Queen Alua in the pillar-top kingdom of Eto. He possesses a communications device made from Nevi crystal, the source of his ability to control the Nevi.




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