An Author's Discreet Charm is a series of sidequests from Gravity Rush 2.

Story Edit

Kat is contacted by an editor, who says that a writer she was assigned to has tossed his manuscript for her publication before the deadline and fled. She says that this is most likely due to his peculiar writing technique, where he literally "becomes" his characters by dressing as them and enacting their actions in the story to gain greater insight.

The agent hands Kat his manuscript's draft, which is about a man who dislikes his life and is reincarnated three times by a strange young boy. First as a bandit in a poor neighborhood, then as a dock worker, and finally as a wealthy celebrity. She tracks him down as all three roles, but he flees each time. In the final location of Lei Havina, the author tries to flee, but his hoverbike breaks down and nearly kills him before he is rescued by Kat.

The author has a burst of inspiration and decides that the conclusion of his story should be that the man decides that it's not who he is that counts, but what he is. He returns to the editor, who promises to lock him in a room until he finishes his manuscript.

In the second quest, the editor says the author is at it again with a new manuscript. The plot of this one is that the city is being infiltrated by Scarabs (Nevi) who are taking over peoples' bodies and turning them into "Scarab People". Kat tracks down the author yet again, but this time he claims that the story is actually real research notes that he has noticed. Kat doesn't believe him, but decides to humor him by checking. She realizes that the people really are acting odd, and then sees a Nevi behind them that isn't attacking anyone.

This convinces her that the story is actually real, and she takes the author's research to give back to the editor. However, she is accosted by the Scarab People, who talk in a zombie-like manner. She is forced to act like them by raising and pointing her hand in order to get past them undetected.

When she gets back to the editor, she realizes that everyone around her, including the editor and the author, have been possessed. However, the editor breaks down in laughter and reveals it's a hoax as revenge for Kat tracking down the author earlier. Kat doesn't believe them, thinking it's just an attempt by the Scarab People to convince her to stop. The sudden appearance of real live Nevi just adds fuel to the fire.

After defeating the Nevi, the author finally manages to convince Kat that the entire thing wasn't real. Kat asks how the mysterious docile Nevi she saw got there, and the author shows her that it was actually a realistic Nevi suit worn by a random woman.

Trivia Edit

  • The "very strange, very unkempt young boy" who reincarnates the man in the author's manuscript could be a reference to Creator Bit's human form.
  • The second quest is likely a reference to "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

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