Aujean as he appears in Gravity Rush
Gender Male
Age 45
Appears in Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush 2

Voice actor Masafumi Kimura
Spoiler warning!
This article contains spoilers about part of Gravity Rush.

Aujean is the father of Eugie. Though Kat saves his son, they misunderstand her attempts at trying to prevent his house from falling over the edge as her deliberately pushing it off. This misunderstanding and their prejudice against Shifters causes him and Eugie to hold a grudge against Kat, though they eventually get over it.

He later opens an ice cream station against the government's will, and sells Kat out when she flees from the city.

During Gravity Rush 2, he is still running an only somewhat successful ice cream stand due to his mediocre quality ice cream. He attempts to get Kat to stand in for Kali Angel and convince people to go to his stand, but this ends in abject failure when people see through the disguise.

Kat tries to make him stop being a drunkard, but despite trying her hardest, this attempt also fails. Unlike his son, Aujean appears destined for mediocrity.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the Gravity Rush 2 Complete Guide, Aujean is 45 years old.


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