A view of Banga from the game's opening credits cinematic.

The Banga Settlement is a traveling settlement of mining boats that is led by Lisa. It is a featured location in Gravity Rush 2, serving as the primary setting for the game's first chapter.

Story Edit

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Gravity Rush 2 Edit

After Kat, Raven, and Syd are pulled into a gravity storm at Neu Hiraleon, Kat and Syd find themselves taken in by the citizens of Banga, where they are put to work mining ore. The work is difficult and dangerous, and the living conditions are unpleasant; Kat sleeps in the settlement's bird coop and must earn her ration of food every day—since, as Lisa and the other residents are fond of saying, "a lazy worker is a hungry worker."

After several ventures into various mining sites and a few difficult dealings with Vogo, the settlement makes its way to Jirga Para Lhao to restock its supplies. Shortly after their arrival, Lisa discovers a crack in the settlement's gravity engine, which forces them to extend their stay.

When Lisa, Cecie, and Syd are captured and imprisoned by the Council, Banga is left without a leader for a short time; however, Lisa is freed by the council in exchange for handing over the miners' technology, and the Garrison sets up a patrol within the settlement itself.

After Kat and Raven return from the Candle Zone as part of a bargain with the Council, Vogo explains that all of Banga's citizens are to be sent to work in the mines. When they return to Banga, however, they discover a newly galvanized (and now shorter-haired) Lisa, who declares her intent to rise in revolt.

Once the council's power is stripped in Episode 10: No Messiah, No Message, Lisa becomes the leader of Jirga Para Lhao, making Banga a permanent fixture of the city.

Notable Residents Edit

Gallery Edit

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