Bit as he appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Male
Appears in Gravity Rush 2
Voice actor Ayumu Murase

Bit is the Creator of the rift between the world and dream.


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This article contains spoilers about part of Gravity Rush.

Bit is the final Creator to appear in the game, but he plays one of the most important roles in the story.

His assigned task is to watch over the Brink, a "dimension between dimensions" and make sure the laws of the universe are working properly. He calls himself an "engineer" and refers to the universe in terms similar to a computer or simulation. He is forbidden from interfering, and is only allowed to guide people. However, he is moved by Kat and Syd's sacrifice of their lives due to their desire to save the world below Eto.

To save her, he creates for her a Guardian, Dusty, when she wasn't supposed to have one. He also saves Syd as well, unbeknownst to Kat.

Bit also created Raven's Guardian, Xii, prior to Kat arriving in Hekseville. Both Guardians are linked.

Bit is eventually erased from existence for interfering, much like the other creators, but not before telling Kat how to contain The Darkness.

Personality Edit

Bit is very emotionless in his demeanor, and is not easily surprised, though it can happen.



Bit appears in the physical world as a boy wearing a turban and a robe. He says that he appears in such a manner not to raise suspicion. In his true form, his turban becomes a helmet, and he gains a third eye. He also rides on a glowing ball.


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