Boutoume is a location featured in Gravity Rush. It is the village far beneath Hekseville, at the bottom of the World Pillar, and was inhabited by the Lost Tribe.

It is different from the other towns in Gravity Rush. It is described as the city at the edge of the world. The town is located far below the rest of the towns in Hekseville, below several gravity storms. While Kat is there, it is inhabited by a tribe of kids who were stranded after falling off the edge of the world in a bus. When descending the World Pillar, time slows down. This explains why, despite the half century the children spent at the bottom of the world, they are still children. Nevertheless, the town itself was not actually built by the kids, which implies that people once lived there long before them. From Boutoume, a darkness can be seen rising up that threatens them. Their only hope of making it back up is the mysterious, initially inanimate ark that resides there. Boutoume's environment is dark and gloomy, with a sense of spatial emptiness between the many tree roots, born of the World Pillar, that support the city.