King Cai
Gender Male
Appears In Gravity Rush 2
Voice actor Makoto Tsumura

Cai is a character in Gravity Rush 2. He is the king of Eto after Queen Alua went missing a hundred years ago, and is a descendant of Eto's royal lineage.



A century relative to Eto and prior to the beginning of Gravity Rush, Xicero organized a coup that forcefully removed Queen Alua from power due to her perceived weakness, replacing her with an unknown inheritor, then Cai following.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

Upon Kat's return to Eto, Cai enthusiastically welcomes her home and helps her readjust to life in the palace, affectionately calling her "Auntie" but keeping her confined in her chambers at night due to her health. Eventually, however, Cai and Kat discover (independently) that Xicero and a resurgent Alias are plotting another coup to overthrow the King and restore Kat to power, with Xicero feeling remorseful for his past actions against Kat. Unhappy with the Chancellor's betrayal, Cai orders his Guardian, Wolp, to deal with them. Wolp destroys Alias and mortally wounds Xicero before Kat intervenes. After Cai leaves Kat to fight a group of white Nevi, he arrives at Elektricitie's prison and releases her as part of his plan to remake the world, starting in Hekseville.

Upon Kat's return to the city, Cai mocks her late appearance and subsequent inability to defeat Elektricitie, explaining that he freed her after being convinced in a dream by the voice of the darkness (presumably the Destructive Force). When Kat manages to finally defeat Elektricitie with help from Cyanea, Cai is beside himself with anger and disbelief. After Cai was slapped to the ground by Kat for refusing to see reason, Wolp comforted the crying king, and the Destructive Force revealed itself and merged together with them, turning into a large, demonic, stag-like Nevi.

Despite help from the Bismalia and Durga Angel, Kat cannot subdue the monstrosity due to its regenerating cores and ability to strip away her gravity powers, leaving her on the brink of defeat. Just when all hope seems lost, the surviving citizens begin to sing and Alias arrives with a large group of Nevi under his control, buying Kat enough time to merge with Dusty and Xii to disrupt the form and then seal away the Destructive Force.

One year after Kat saved the city, Raven is informed by Syd that Cai had been taken into custody following the battle, but disappeared immediately after.


At first, Cai appears to be cheerful and happy-go-lucky, affectionately referring to Kat as his "Auntie," despite them not being related in any way.

Like Dr. Brahman, Cai's personality takes a darker turn as the game progresses, with Xicero describing him as vicious and petulant. Unlike Brahman, who was willing to stop time itself in an attempt to help his daughter, Cai has no rhyme or reason for setting the world on fire other than being persuaded to do so in a dream, with little or no regard for the people beneath Eto, making him the most psychotic and dangerous of Kat's enemies.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a member of the Eto royal family, Cai has his own magical Guardian, a winged stag named Wolp, granting him gravity shifting abilities. However, he prefers to let Wolp fight his battles for him. One one occasion, Wolp fused together with a distraught Cai, forming a gigantic Nevi monster.



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