Cecie as she appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Female
Appears in Gravity Rush 2
Voice actor Risa Shimizu

Cecie is a quiet and reserved girl who works as a herder within Banga. As Lisa’s adopted daughter, Cecie is usually on the receiving end of her mother’s strict teachings. When she runs away from home, Kat is asked to track her down.

Past Edit

Cecie first arrived in the Banga Settlement after coming through a gravity storm. She was later adopted by Lisa and started working as the settlement's herder.

Gravity Rush 2Edit



Originally, Cecie wasn't shown to have any powers until she arrived in Hekseville. She could manifest crystals from her body, but didn't have conscious control over this ability. After her transformation into Durga Angel, she had complete control over her crystals, generating countless masses of them without any sign of fatigue. Cecie could generate shields of crystal durable enough to stop a combined finishing move from Kat and Raven, as well as create small cages and platforms. When fighting alongside Kali Angel, she created large blades around Kali's arms. It would appear that these crystals can also levitate in the air, as shown when she created platforms for Kali. It could be due to Cecie making them float in the air, similar to when she fires her crystals as projectiles.

In her angel form, Cecie is granted the ability to fly.


Lisa Edit

Cecie was discovered by Lisa after she appeared from a gravity storm and was adopted as her daughter. Although Lisa is often strict with her, Cecie tries her best to make her happy, which is why she works as the settlement's herder. When Cecie first transformed into her angel form and was lost in her Durga Angel persona, Lisa's voice was able to reach her and bring her back to her senses, showing the strong bond between them.

Kat Edit

Cecie was the first from the Banga Settlement to meet Kat after she and Syd came through the gravity storm. As with everyone, she acted shyly towards Kat but often held her in high regards. She admired Kat for her positive attitude and strong will, not to mention her gravity powers. As the story progresses, Cecie becomes more open to Kat and during the final fight against The Darkness, she declares her loyalty to Kat and transforms into her angel form in order to help her.

Dusty Edit

Cecie took care of Dusty after his arrival with Kat in the Banga Settlement. While he was separated from Kat, Dusty seemed to have taken a liking to Cecie.



  • Cecie's name bears strong resemblance to "Cecilia," a Latin name that is derived from the Latin caecus ("blind").
  • Cecie's doll, Angel, seems a likely allusion to Durga Angel.