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Chaz is a minor character in Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. Best known for his bomb defusing skill, he was a high ranking Police officer who later served in the Jellyfish Special Forces after the amalgamation with the Police Force. He got promoted to a Police Lieutenant after Detective Syd disappeared.


Gravity RushEdit

Chaz first appeared when Alias threatened to steal the Sacred Gem from Auldnoir. Alongside Bulbosa, Chaz was trying to catch the master criminal, Alias, before he could steal the gem. When Bulbosa accused Kat as an associate of Alias, Chaz defended her by pointing out her heroic act of saving the police force and civilians and her lingering presence.

Chaz appeared again when Alias announced his target of Endestria's sacred gem. Chaz and the rest of the elite police force were tasked to guard the real gem, while the lower police ranks were tasked to guard the fake gem created by Syd. After a bomb from Alias was found in the waste processing plant, Kat brought it to Chaz to diffuse it.

Chaz also came back later during the side mission "The Dreamlife of Ghosts", when Alias threatened Hekseville with bombs again. This time he was targeting Auldnoir in particular. The townsfolk were confused, however, because they were sure that Alias had already been defeated by Kat in Endestria. Regardless, Kat discovered the locations of the bombs due to Aki's fortune, she brought them to Chaz who diffused them all. As he was defusing them, he was unsure of the situation because these bombs were much different then the previous ones that Alias made. He thought they did not seem very well made and that they could not be the work of Alias. It was later revealed that these bombs (with fireworks inside) were not actually made by Alias; they were made by Kat's Number 1 Fan, who had disguised himself as Alias and threatened the city in order to get Kat's attention.

Gravity Rush 2 Edit

Now a Police Lieutenant after Syd disappeared three years prior, he was the first authority figure to welcome Kat home when he discovered a strange registration made in the police database. With a little help from Alias, he eventually helped clear Kat's name from the wanted list after she was framed for the murder of Addica, by recovering the memory core from a Grigo that showed footage of Dr. Brahman and Kali Angel's involvement in said plans.


Personality Edit

Chaz is extremely uptight and by the book, with a high amount of dedication to his police work and attention to detail, making him somewhat of a foil for Syd's carefree behavior. He is very hard on himself when he fails, even if his success would have probably been impossible.