Chaz as he appears in Gravity Rush
Gender Male
Appears in Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush 2

Chaz is a character in Gravity Rush. He works for the Police Force as a bomb defuser.


Chaz first appears when Alias threatens Auldnoir by stealing the Sacred Gem. Chaz is working for the Police Force and with Bulbosa to prevent Alias from stealing the gem.

Chaz appears again when Alias threatens Endestria with bombs. The Police Force gets sent in to protect the Sacred Gem in Endestria and Syd asks Kat for her help. After bombs are discovered Kat searches for them and brings them to Chaz to difuse. Chaz difuses every bomb that Alias makes and Kat proceeds to find Alias himself and defeat him.

Chaz also comes back later when Alias threatens Hekseville with bombs again. This time he is targeting Auldnoir in particular. Everyone is confused though, because they were sure that Alias had already been defeated by Kat in Endestria. Regardless, Kat discovers the locations of the bombs due to Aki's fortune and brings them to Chaz who difuses them all again. As he is defusing them he is unsure of the situation becaues these bombs were much different then the previous ones that Alias made. He said that they didn't seem very well made and that they couldn't be the work of Alias. It is later revealed that these bombs were not actually made by Alias. They were made by Kat's Number 1 Fan who had disguised himself as Alias and threatened the city in order to get Kat's attention. The bombs were actually only filled with fireworks.

Personality Edit

Chaz is extremely uptight and by the book, with a high amount of dedication to his police work and attention to detail, making him somewhat of a foil for Syd's carefree behavior. He is very hard on himself when he fails, even if his success would have probably been impossible.



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