Cyanea 1

Cyanea as she appears in Gravity Rush
Gender Female
Appears in Gravity Rush
Gravity Rush 2
Voice actor Asuka Tanii

Cyanea is the creator of the world of Hekseville with everything and everyone being from her imagination. She has another entity inside of her who protects the ‘dream’ called the Dream Guardian whilst Cyanea sleeps and weaves the dream.


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Cyanea first appears at the back of the crowd of The Lost Tribe, a collection of forgotten children who fell to the bottom of the world, who had recently discovered and captured Kat. Zaza, leader of The Lost Tribe commands Cyanea to keep watch over Kat. When alone Kat begins to try to talk with Cyanea but the conversation is cut short when Cyanea tells Kat she's going to sleep. After escaping her cage, Kat checks on Cyanea and finds that she is unstirred from her sleep by the noise Kat made escaping. After a nevi attack on the camp, she is seen congratulating Kat and Dusty on saving them.

Traversing around the city of Boutoume, Kat finds Cyanea sitting on the Ark, which the two begin to converse about it. Later on Kat talks to a boy who comments that Cyanea is often seen either sleeping, staring off into space, or talking to herself. The same boy in the conversation recalls that she wasn't a part of the group on the bus.

Kat looking around the outskirts of the city sees Cyanea standing on top of a rock. Investigating how and why, Kat inadvertently breaks the rock causing the two to fall. Trying to awaken Cyanea she discovers her to not be breathing and panics. Suddenly Cyanea grabs her arm and claims the one Kat knows as Cyanea slumbers. She tells Kat that there are things which people can only see with an open mind, telling Kat that to find a way to save the children, she must open her mind and stare into her eyes. Kat unknowingly complies and is suddenly in a dreamlike world. Cyanea’s voice guides Kat through a series of challenges, and reveals her past.

Awakening from the dreamlike world Cyanea tells Kat that this Cyanea is a Dream Guardian anchoring the real Cyanea in the realm between dreams and reality. This world is a dream specifically, Cyanea’s dream, which Kat and everyone else are crystallized figments from her imagination. This Cyanea protects the other Cyanea while she dreams and spins the world to life. She also informs Kat that she has now gained a new ability which allows her mind to see things that have always been there but invisible with normal eyes. The real Cyanea begins to awaken and before switching tells Kat that she has a destiny and this power was granted so that she protects the dream.

The real Cyanea awakes and informs Kat a voice in her dream told Kat to head to the Ark. Along the way Kat asks Cyanea if she knows anything about the Dream Guardian or Creator, she responds saying she doesn’t and that sometimes she just wakes up in strange places. Returning her back to the city, Kat tells her to round up all the children and go to the Ark. Cyanea returns with all the children and after Kat takes care of the Nushi, flies off in the Ark. During the flight the Nushi reappears attacking the Ark, the attack causes the Nushi, Kat and the Ark to become separated and the Ark flies off course into the vortex.

Cyanea suddenly appears from under Kat’s bed covers, unable to tell Kat how she wound up there or what happened to the Raven or the Ark. Kat noted that her arrival meant the others were alive somewhere and filled her with resolve. Kat states she would wait for her to go to sleep and ask the other ‘her’ if she wanted any answers. Cyanea takes up residence with Kat at her apartment and in a conversation with Kat is able to help Kat to return to Boutoume.

After Kat gets captured and frozen by Yunica, the other Cyanea appears behind Syd claiming he is at risk of disturbing fate by free Kat. Syd recognizes Cyanea but before he can say anything she states that she does not want to interfere but must protect the dream and shatters the prison holding Dusty. Turning back to Syd she says that Syd must fulfill his role.

In the end credits, Cyanea is seen with Kat looking at the Ark currently hovering in the sky of Vendecentre. Raven joins them informing Kat that the children are asleep but she has been unable to wake them. Cyanea says someone in a dream told her that the ark will guard the children until their time to rise occurs, and the figments of the dream are coming together to return light to this world, to which both Kat and Raven look puzzled over. Cyanea is seen enjoying ice cream provided by Aujean and Eugie.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Cyanea’s role in the series as a creator allows her to change events which would be unchangeable but only if they are favorable to keeping the dream going. The Dream Guardian is reluctant to make major changes that could affect the the dream but will only do actions that protect the dream. As per Gade’s comments, he says that he is able to creates worlds, but once they are created what spawns from it is not his doing or in his control either. A similar viewpoint can be seen with Cyanea’s Dream Guardian when she has to intervene to keep the dream the same; she can’t control the people within the dream (Kat being frozen), but can change events in her favour (freeing Dusty to free Kat) to keep the dream going.

In the Ark of Time DLC for Gravity Rush 2, it is shown that Cyanea and Gade have a light and dark duality, similarly to the Nevi. Cyanea specifically possesses a great deal of dark power within her that lets her maintain her physical form. In addition, her skirt has designs that greatly resemble the eyes of the Dark Nevi, suggesting that they have a heavy relation to her.

It's possible that the cracks in the dream that she mentioned are what provoke the Dark Nevi to come through to Kat's dimension and begin attacking people randomly.


  • Her name is pun for cyan, which is also the color of her hair.
  • Cyanea is not a part of the group that fell down to the bottom of the world, as stated by one of the kids. Her appearing out of nowhere into Kat’s bedroom, it is assumed the other Cyanea transports Cyanea when she is asleep to where she is needed.
  • Kat makes a note that the voice during the dreamlike sequence is different from Cyanea’s normal voice and is much more ‘ancient’. The subtitle’s for Cyanea during the sequence is referred to as “Awakened” Cyanea.
  • Kat refers to the other Cyanea as another Creator similar to Gade, but instead prefers to be called the Dream Guardian. The relationship between Gade and the Dream Guardian has not been expanded upon.
  • The Dream Guardian calls Kat specifically, a shifter, who has a destiny that shapes the world.
  • Syd knows Cyanea, but how he knows her is unknown.



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