D'nelica as he appears in Gravity Rush
Gender Male
Appears in Gravity Rush
Gravity Rush 2 (Mentioning)

D'nelica was the mayor of Hekseville after Bosley disappeared.


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This article contains spoilers about part of Gravity Rush.

Gravity Rush Edit

D'nelica first appears in Gravity Rush during the mayoral election, when the press mention that he is running against Mayor Bolsey, who is seeking another term in office.

His main strategy is to portray Bolsey as a weak and ineffectual leader, using his lack of success against fighting the Nevi, and allowing the city to be pulled into the Gravity Storms.

When Kat returns from Boutoume, she realizes that D'nelica has won the election and turned Hekseville into a repressive military state, where even students have to train for combat. Unbeknownst to her, D'nelica also desires to imprison Kat, believing her to be a threat to him.

He orders Yunica to fight Kat and get rid of her following the launch of the Sea Anemone while he watches from Neu Hiraleon. When the Anemone malfunctions, he holds off on attempting to destroy it and when he finally does activate the self-destruct sequence, he seems unconcerned that it will destroy a large portion of the city.

He is hit by the explosion of the Sea Anemone when Kat throws it back in his face, but is only hospitalized. It is then shown that his actions were due to the fact that he obtained the orb with the warning from Queen Alua about the end of the world, and he planned to eventually evacuate Hekseville to Eto after the population was reduced.

Gravity Rush 2 Edit

He does not appear personally in Gravity Rush 2, but it is shown that he is the leader of the Rebels.


He is a cruel and ruthless strongman, willing to kill any number of people to further his objectives. He is also cunning, using science and technology to further his goals, though he does not have a genius level intellect like Dr. Brahman.




  • It's possible that his disregard for the fact that the Sea Anemone would destroy Vendecentre when it exploded was not due to mere callousness, as it seems in Gravity Rush, but pragmatism, as it would make it easier to evacuate the city due to the amount of people that died.


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