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D'nelica as he appears in Gravity Rush
Gender Male
Appears in Gravity Rush
Gravity Rush 2 (Mentioning)

D'nelica was the mayor of Hekseville after Bosley disappeared. His first act was to create the Sea Anemone, a special weapon created to fight the Nevi. However, he used the power of the Nevi to make the Anemone, and it eventually started destroying the city. D'nelica started the self-destruct countdown. Afterward, Kat, Yunica and Raven stopped the Anemone, and sent it up to the military base called Neu Hiraleon, where it exploded. D'nelica survived to the explosion, and is later seen. He seems to know who Kat really is. As mentioned in the Eto chapter of Gravity Rush 2, a red gem exists as a communications device which Kat used to record a message which fell down to the city along with her. D'neclica became the possessor of such item and is how he gained knowlege of Kat's identity.



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