Dr. Brahman

Dr. Brahman as he appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Male
Appears in Gravity Rush 2
Voice actor Youji Ueda

Dr. Brahman is the brilliant scientist who maintains the Defense System in Hekseville. Thanks partly to his daughter Kali Angel's efforts, he has strong support from the citizens of Hekseville and is regarded as the Savior of the city.


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Dr. Brahman came onto the scene sometime after the end of Gravity Rush and was the one who caused Kat and the others to be sucked into the portal at Neu Hiraleon.

After they are gone, he creates the City Defense System to ingratiate himself with the people.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

Kat first meets Dr. Brahman when he is trying to visit the locations his daughter once enjoyed. Kat takes him around to these places and gets the impression that he is a kind-hearted but lonely man.

However, later, Brahman attempts to tell Kat the truth about his end goal - to trap all of Hekseville in frozen time. When he was attempting to cure his biological daughter's deadly illness, he accidentally slowed down time for her so much that she appeared frozen to the outside world. He felt such regret from inflicting it on her that he desired to slow down everyone else as well so that they would be together. He asks Kat to be his replacement Angel for Durga in his plans, as he needs two Angels to enact them.

Kat refuses, saying such a plan would be insanity, and leaves, but Brahman attempts to stop her from revealing his plans, declaring her a traitor and enemy of the state. This attempt ends in failure when Chaz reveals Grigo footage of Brahman freezing one of his subordinates in time after they also disagreed with his plans. The city turns against Brahman, but Brahman uses his control of the Grigos to kidnap Cecie.

It is later revealed that he was behind the Missing Orphans incident from three years ago. He took in Kali and her sister Durga and subjected them to horrific experiments. These experiments gave Kali and Durga humongous strength and the ability to generate and manipulate crystalline structures.

Brahman dies impaled on a piece of metal after Kali and Durga are defeated.


Dr. Brahman is soft-spoken and polite, but can change his personality on a dime into a much more ruthless and manipulative one. According to Chaz, he was willing to kill a number of orphans in order to successfully create the Angels, suggesting that he is downright sociopathic and his supposed kindness is just a facade. He also psychologically manipulated Durga and Kali into believing he is their loving father, giving them something like Stockholm Syndrome.


He has the ability to freeze people in time, though it's unclear if this is through the use of some kind of portable machine, as the method he uses is never shown. Once someone is frozen, it cannot be reversed.




  • The doctor shares his name with the Hindu principle of Brahman, the complex concept of ultimate reality and universal truth that acts as one of the religion's major foundations. Additionally, his name may also be a reference to Brahma, the creator god of the Hindu Trimurti who is often said to have created the universe.


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