Durga Angel
Durga as she appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Female
Appears in Gravity Rush 2
Voice actor Risa Shimizu

Durga Angel is the older sister of Kali Angel and a part of Cecie's past life that was unleashed after memories came back to her.


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This article contains spoilers about part of Gravity Rush.


Formerly known just as Durga, was kidnapped as a child by Dr. Brahman and subjected to an experiment with the end goal of making her into a super powered "angel". She was then swept into a dimensional rift, possibly on purpose to find the "star genome", though it is unclear what this is or whether she is able to obtain it.

When she pops out of the rift she loses her memory and reverts back to her original self but under the new name Cecie.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

Cecie is brought by Raven through the rift back to Hekseville after being rescued from the core of the Lost City. Cecie turns back into Durga Angel when she was touched by Kali and she attempts to kill Kat. This nearly succeeds, but The Other teaches Kat about how to awaken even more powers from Dusty.

Kali and Durga attempt to initiate Dr. Brahman's plan but are stopped by Kat and Raven. This almost fails yet again, but Lisa appears and breaks the angels' shield long enough for Yunica to blow it up. Kat and Raven use their finisher against Kali, but Durga takes the hit instead and plummets to her death.

Kali turns her regeneration abilities on overdrive to save Durga and in the process goes out of control and become a monster. Ultimately Durga reverts back to Cecie upon Kali's defeat.

At the end of the game it's revealed that Durga has completely merged with the mind of Cecie and now has Cecie's memories and personality, being able to turn back and forth at will. She totally crystallizes The Darkness, but this proves to do nothing against it and she is swatted away for the rest of the battle.


She acts like a child and treats everything like a game. She is, however, fiercely protective of Kali and is willing to sacrifice her very life for her.


Durga has a similar power as her sister, to manipulate and generate crystals. However, she appears more powerful in this regard, being able to use them to ensnare enemies and attack from a distance. Additionally, thanks to the wings on her back, she can fly.




  • Durga and her sister, Kali Angel, appear to take their names from the Hindu goddesses Kali and Durga. Durga is revered as a warrior goddess who combats evil and demonic forces. In a similar vein, their father shares his name with the Hindu concept of Brahman, the ultimate reality that underpins the fabric of the universe.
  • Durga's outfit changes completely when she changes forms, and when she goes back to Cecie she gets her old clothes again. No explanation is made for how this is possible.


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