Dusty is a cat shaped Guardian featured in Gravity Rush, Gravity Rush 2, and Another Story - Raven's Choice. It belongs to Kat and grants her the ability to shift gravity.


Dusty appeared to Kat as she was falling from Eto, saving her from potential death.

Kat somewhat inherits a lot of the characteristics typically found in cats, with Dusty being her closest ally and friend. Said traits include her independent nature, sense of curiosity, and loyalty to others.

Nevi killer makes Dusty sick, which may imply Dusty is a Nevi. The effects also weaken him significantly, in turn weakening Kat's abilities.

On the occasions that Kat and Dusty get separated, Kat loses her powers.

Dusty is first encountered when Kat is waking up from what seems to be a huge dilemma.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

It is revealed that Dusty appeared to Kat as she fell from Eto.

When Kat powers up enough, Dusty gains the ability to transform into a panther for a limited time, letting Kat bound quickly through the air and do massive amounts of damage.

It's shown that Dusty's true form is actually the Gryphon Guardian, which was split in half into Dusty and Xii. They have the ability to merge into a new, far more powerful form that can shoot out countless clones of the two smaller Guardians. Its full power is used by Kat to defeat the Destructive Force

Another Story: The Ark of Time - Raven's ChoiceEdit

Although Kat is non-playable in the DLC, Dusty himself does a play a small part in helping Raven repair the damage to the universe both guiding her to Kat, and merging with with Xii to help her defeat the giant Collector.


  • If you touch Dusty during the game, he will disappear and reappear.
    • ​Also, if you touch it in Kat's house, he will meow.
  • Strangely, if you travel too far up, down, towards, or even away from the Pillar, Dusty will teleport you back to Hekseville.
  • In Gravity Rush 2 during Chapter 1: Banga Settlement, Dusty is finally revealed to be male, upon talking to Cecie in Episode 2: Lonely Request.


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