Endestria (インダストリエ, Indasutorie), also known as the Factory District, is a district of Hekseville. It is the third location Kat encounters in Gravity Rush, and appears in Gravity Rush 2 as well. Supplies are sent to and produced here. The town has a green theme to it. This is the third town that you unlock in the game and is where the boss battle with Alias takes place. The main landmark is a big lighthouse where the boss battle takes place.

Geography Edit

Story Edit

Locations Edit

Gravity Rush 2 Edit

Manholes Edit

  • New Stormshield Tower Remains
  • Stormshield Tower Remains

Challenge Missions Edit

  • Time Limit Battle III

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Endestria" is a fairly obvious play on the word "industry," as the district's nature would imply.
  • The music featured in Endestria undergoes a radical shift from its Gravity Rush arrangement to its Gravity Rush 2 arrangement. While the musical themes of Auldnoir, Pleajeune, and Vendecentre are mostly unchanged between the two games and only feature some slight variations in instrumentation and arrangement, Endestria's theme has been significantly slowed down, and the machine-like drums and synthesizers that featured prominently in the first game's arrangement have been removed. (This, presumably, is meant to reflect the district's change from a hub of industry to an abandoned ruin.)


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