As the game starts out it will zoom in on an apple sitting in a tree. Tap the apple on the touchscreen a few times for it to fall. After this a cutscene will begin showing some credits.

At the end of the cutscene, the apple will roll into Kat's head and wake her up. Read the diologue and instructions to fiure out some of the controls. Run up the stiarcase until you get to a doorway and go through it to see another cutscene. Aujean is introduced here. This is the first of the comic book style cutscenes. You can swipe across the screen or just press the x button to proceed. A cool feature of these is that you can tilt the Vita to change the perspective in a 3 dimensional way.

Episode 1: From OblivionEdit

After the cutscene just keep following Aujean, who is at the time known as the Mysterious Man. When you get to the bridge another cutscene will start. The gravity will shift and take you to a wall. Follow to the checkpoint and the gravity will shift automatically again. Now it will teach you how to shift gravity on your own. Push R to float and then while floating push R again to shift gravity in that direction. Shift gravity and jump to each of the checkpoints until another cutscsene starts.

After several cutscenes you will be back playing Kat again. Dusty runs away. Just follow Dusty and the checkpoint marker on him. If you lose Dusty or get too far behind it will restart. After Dusty stops, use your gravity powers to fly through the air and keep up with the crow. After following the crow another cutscene will start. Just follow the checkpoints again untill you get to Raven. When you do yet another cutscene will start which will begin Episode 2.


Gravity Rush - Part 1 Episode 1 - From Oblivion24:42

Gravity Rush - Part 1 Episode 1 - From Oblivion

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