Episode 1: Sad Angel is the first episode in Gravity Rush 2.

Episode 1: Sad Angel Edit

After you finish talking to Lisa, she wants you to Cecie whos wander off, you have to talk to 3 people to get the location of the gravel pit, then just keep following the waypoints till you encounter the Nevi which you will get a small cutscene, after the scene look for the broken fence as guideline if you're not sure where to go, keep following the path till you reach Cecie which you get a cutscene, after that just follow the button prompts.

Learn a little about the basics, after you have finished go talk to Cecie, then head to Gawan and talk to him, after that go talk to Misai, then head over to the gravel pit.

This will serve as the shifting tutorial part of the game, for people who have played Gravity Rush before this should be a little refresher for you, for people new to this game, you should take the time to learn how to shift gravity properly, and once you have completed the tutorial, go find Syd where he is found at the northern part of the settlement on the map.


Gravity Rush 2 Part 2 Episode 1 Sad Angel

Gravity Rush 2 Part 2 Episode 1 Sad Angel

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