Elektricitie brings terror to Hekseville and destroys the forces led by Yunica and Permet. With Bit's help, Raven makes a hasty return to face down Elektricitie and appears to have some success, until things go wrong.

Episode 24: All Fires Burn to Ash is the twenty-fourth episode of Gravity Rush 2, and the fourth episode in the Eto chapter.

Story Edit

While Kat is piecing together her forgotten memories, Raven returns to Hekseville to confront Elektricitie. She is assisted by the Rebels, particularly Yunica and Permet. After a few minutes however, Permet is soon struck by lightning and taken out of the fight. Soon after, the Vendecentre clock tower is blown apart, almost crushing the rebel commander, Yuri Gerneaux, had Yunica not been there to destroy the falling debris. Both are quickly killed (seemingly), however, when a lightning blast blows Yunica apart and Gerneaux unconscious.

Seeing her comrades defeated, Raven almost gives up under the belief that she isn't strong enough to save Hekseville, until she hears Kat talking to her through Xii. This gives Raven a new spark of hope, and she uses her Phoenix form in a last effort to defeat Elektricitie. Despite her valiant efforts, it isn't enough to stop Elektricitie, and Raven collapses, exhausted from fighting (and the icy prison she was kept in prior). The Creators look on over the destruction, lamenting their decision to interfere with the events knowing the consequences of doing so. With one last goodbye, Gade sacrifices himself to return Kat to Hekseville, who is horrified by the death and destruction before her. When she sees Raven's lifeless body in the distance, she hurries over to hold her fallen friend in her arms, but is then mocked and taunted by a deranged Cai. But Kat does not take it kindly...


You will be playing as Raven for the duration of this episode. Make use of all of Raven's powers to fight Elektricitie, but be careful when she generates her electrically charged shield, as touching it can do a lot of damage to you. You can knock the shield out using the un-detonated missiles (that were previously used against the Nevi) lying nearby. Raven's Blood Talon (her version of the Gravity Kick) can fill the SP gauge quickly, so use her Blue Jays in conjunction with Stasis to deal heavy damage to Elektricitie. After a cutscene, Raven will go into Phoenix mode, increasing damage output and speed. Be wary when Elektricitie uses her shield though; getting too enthusiastic with your attacks is a sure way to get Raven killed very quickly. Keep attacking until you get the finishing move prompt.