Episode 27: Black Cat is the final episode Episode of Gravity Rush 2. It is a playable epilogue that gives a lot of the characters closure, and one of two episodes in the whole game in which the player controls Raven.

Episode 27: Black Cat Edit

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Story Edit

A year after The Darkness was defeated and sealed, Raven has taken up Kat's mantle as Hekseville's defender. As she leaves for her patrol, she is greeted by Syd (still donning his Alias suit), who informs her that Banga is stopping by Vendecentre later on that day. After she stops a street brawl between a pair of thugs, Chaz and Bulbosa show up with news that additional officers have been deployed. Bulbosa convinces Raven to go to Pleajeune and have a night to herself and see if love is on the cards. As she heads to Pandora's Fortunes, she spots Aujean outside of Arquebus Academy; having a celebratory drink with his wife as his son Eugie, has been accepted in the Academy. He tells her that Kat would've been shocked if she was around, but Raven responds with silence. She finds Eugie to congratulate him on getting into Arquebus, after which she heads over to Pandora's Fortunes to "try her luck." Pandora supposedly isn't feeling right according to Aki, but she is generous enough to give Raven her services free of charge. As Raven leaves, Aki wishes her peace and joy, but there is someone waiting for her in Vendecentre.

Raven decides to stop over in Endestria to check for trouble, since it is own the way to Vendecentre anyway. While she doesn't see anything out of the ordinary, she spots Yunica and Permet who survived the fight with Elektricitie. Yunica states that almost everyone pulled through, but Raven knows she's referring to Kat being the one who didn't. She also states that the Delta Force isn't needed anymore as the threat seems to be over, but they will continue training in case a threat arises. Arriving in Vendecentre, there is no trouble by the train station. Looking over the park, Raven spots Newt and Echo and goes over to greet them, and is introduced to their newborn baby, named "Alua." Echo thanks Raven for all she's done for the city, also passively thanking Kat. At this point, Raven is struggling to cope with Kat's disappearance more and more. Newt informs her that Banga is arriving in town, and that Lisa has done a great job of leading Hekseville.

Raven heads over to Banga to talk to Lisa and Cecie. Lisa doesn't show any interest in becoming mayor despite the compliments she gets from people, since she doesn't care for titles, just doing what needs to be done. When Lisa is away, Cecie has taken over Banga and has done for wonderful job of it, with Raven commented that she's grown into her role. Cecie proclaims that being positive and strong is something she's always wanted to be, just like Kat. Afterwards, Raven has a chat with Vogo and Fi about their new plans for Sun Shipping. She offers to help with a delivery that needed to be made, since she was going to see Gawan anyway. Vogo questions how lonely Raven must be without Kat and she must miss her dearly, and Fi also points out how quiet it is without her. Raven insists that she's moved on (though she clearly hasn't). She takes the crate to Gawan, followed by a brief conversation about how much Cecie has grown, but not without confusing Raven for Kat. Before she leaves, he encourages Raven to pay Banga a visit if she ever needs anything.

As she leaves, she hears Misai call out to her from below. Misai notices immediately that Raven is trying to hide how grief-stricken she is over Kat and she doesn't need to hide it. She still adamantly says she has Kat in her memory, but Misai is having none of it. This is enough for Raven to finally break her professionalism and describe what it truly feels like to lose Kat; she describes it as "having half of who [she is] torn away from [her]." Misai relents, but this causes him to tear up (possibly because he had feelings towards Kat, and never got to tell her), and tells Raven to visit Banga more often. As soon as Raven thanks Misai for looking out for her, both hear a familiar sound. Raven investigates the sound, realising it is a cat; and it sounds just like Dusty. Desperate, Raven tries to track the source, believing that Kat is around. With her search coming up fruitless, Raven stares over a pier questioning her grip on reality. The cat cries out one more time, prompting Raven to turn around in shock, and is overjoyed to see that Kat is alive and was able to return to Hekseville (although this is left ambiguous since Kat isn't seen directly).

Gameplay Edit

Just follow the navigation markers. All you'll need to do is fight two thugs, and just talk to everyone you come across. Before talking to Gawan though, you'll use Stasis to pick up a crate, and deliver it to him. You'll have unlimited use of Raven's powers in this episode and free roam is possible. Feel free to go at your own pace.

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Gravity Rush 2 - Ending - Episode 27 - Black Cat

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