Episode 2: Lonely Request is the second episode in Gravity Rush 2.

Episode 2: Lonely Request Edit

After talking to Misai you will head to the mining site, skip the time it takes for you to go down.

Start breaking the stuff here till you have help the other miners, once you do that head over to the next island, break everything here and head to the next island but they don't need help here, head to the next island and start mining here, once you have done a little bit you get a distress call which you have to go back and help defend the miners.

This part will serve as the combat tutorial of the game, not only does it teach you about fighting it also helps you know how to beat the enemies, once you killed all the enemies here head to the next island and kill everything as well as mine everything here, head to the next the island and kill everything and start mining a bit, Misai will contact you to help him, you will have to all the enemies and will also serve as another tutorial for you as new enemies will show up, once you have killed the last enemy you will return back to the Banga Settlement.

After coming back up you get 500 Gems which you can use to upgrade your skills, you don't have to use them right away but if want to go ahead.


Gravity Rush 2 Part 3 Episode 2 Lonely Request

Gravity Rush 2 Part 3 Episode 2 Lonely Request

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