Episode 2: Shadows Over the CityEdit

Episode 2 will start off with a comic book cutscene indroducing Syd.

Afterwards you will get to fight your first Nevi. Just run up to them and push square to attack. You can also swipe across the touchscreen to evade. After defeating the first Nevi more will appear. Even more will appear after you defeat those, but this time there are some in the air. To defeat these use your gravity powers and then while in the air push square to do a gravity kick. Make sure you aim at the glowing orb, as this is the weak spot on all Nevi. Also keep in mind that the green bar is your health bar while the blue bar is your gravity bar. The gravity bar will automactically refill when you're not using it. You can refill them both by picking up the green orbs for health and the blue orbs for gravity. The purple orbs are a currency that you can use later.

Keep fighting off the nevi until another cutscene begins. Afterwards a police officer will talk to you. He will explain to you how to use the map. You can use any method or route you want to get to the marker point, as the game is open world. The marker will take you to the town center of Auldnoir. Talk to the police officer to proceed with the story and he will ask you to collect fuel, which is the purple gems. Just fly around to collect all the purple gems and then take them back to the fountain. There should be 10 of them. This will unlock your first challenge mission, but these are not part of the main story.

The game will now walk you through how to upgrade your powers using the purple orbs. Afterwards Kat says she needs to find a place to rest. There should be a girl right behind you that has a chat box above her head. Go and talk to her. Then go over to the red star right on the other side of the fountain. The red star always indicates the main story mission. Begin the mission and the next chapter will start.


Gravity Rush - Part 2 Episode 2 - Shadows Over the City19:55

Gravity Rush - Part 2 Episode 2 - Shadows Over the City

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