Episode 3: Home Sweet HomeEdit

After finding a new home in Episode 2, Kat decides that she needs to find some furniture for her new place. As soon as she goes to find some furniture she hears a scream from an old woman. Follow the marker to the old woman and there will be some Nevi there harassing the woman. There only a few of them and should not be hard to defeat. Afterwards Kat will talk with the old woman and she offers Kat her chair. Use the statis field by pressing the circle button to pick up the chair and bring it back to your house which is marked by the marker.

After Kat puts the chair in her house, she sets out to find some more furniture and stars with a rumor spot in the town center. Look at your map and find the dialogue location. Mark this location and then go there and talk to the man. He will talk to Kat about wanting to go on an adventure and then will offer Kat his old desk. Go to the desk that is marked and again use the statis field to pick up the object and bring it back to Kat's home. You can take less time bringing it back if you go to the pothole location by the fountain.

After this another rumor spot is available. Mark this one on your map to and go there. The person ends up being Syd, who tells you about an old bed that he threw away. Go to the bed, and when you get there nevi will appear. Defeat all of them and do not forget to use your gravity kick to kill the larger ones here. After beating the nevi you can then use the statis field to again pick up the bed and bring it back to your house. Once Kat puts the bed in her house, a cutscene will start where Kat gathers various items for her house and settles in. You can now go into Kat's house to save and teleport through the sewers.


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