Like the previous episode, there are various people around the town who are willing to talk to Kat and give you information. This is always optional though.

Episode 5: A Meeting With DestinyEdit

This episode, like many other episodes, starts out with a cutscene. You will be introduced to Aki here, who is a fortune teller. She will tell Kat of a Mr. Destiny and give her the fortune in an envelope.

Afterwards Kat will read the fortune, but it doesn't make any sense to her. That is until she sees the white birds which Kat assumes means the "White Flyer" part of the fortune. You will need to chase the birds as they fly all around Auldnoir. After chasing them for a while Kat will give up on trying to keep up with them and instead can hear a kid crying from somewhere.

Walk over to the boy who appears to be standing in front of a graffiti door. He claims that the drawings on the wall were an actual door and he was inside of it when he lost his father. None of this quite makes sense to Kat, but she decides to help find his father. To do so, she looks at the next clue in the fortune which describes a blue flag. Fly to the town square where the fountain is and the up to the top of the tower. There you can find the blue flag, which is actually a pair of shorts. From there, Kat spots the red balloons, which is the next part of the fortune. You will need to fly around and grab every balloon, there are 7 in total. Once you have done this Kat will spot another balloon of in the distance. This one starts to float away and you will need to follow it all the way to a man. This man turns out to be the lost boy's father and asks Kat to bring him back to his son. Use the statis field to pick him up and bring him back to the graffiti door, although this time an actual door is there.

Go through the door and keep following the hallway. The boy's father will get distracted and Kat, confused, will continue on. When you get to the end of the hallway there is an opening into an odd looking area. Dusty will run ahead and prevent Kat from using her gravity powers. This area is flooded with several large nevi and without Dusty,  Kat has no chance of defeating them, so just keep running up the pathway. When you get to the top there is pipe, just down it. A cutscene will begin and you will meet Gade, who claims to be a creator, although Kat believes him to be an old man who has lost his senses. This is the end of Episode 5.

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