Episode 6 starts out with a cutscene with Gade. He will tell you about people being taken away, and waiting for someone to save them. This person turns out to be Kat.

Episode 6: The Lost CityEdit

Kat will awaken in whats called The Ruins. The Ruins is the first in a series of levels called Rift Areas. As you start out in The Ruins, Gade will talk with you before sending you off. Some nevi will spawn right in front of you. You will have to take them out. Once you have done that, a giant flower in the area will shine a light on the next objective. This is generally how all the parts of each Rift Area works. You defeat some nevi, and then follow the flower marker to the next part and do it again.

In the next area, the nevi will consist of some minions and minion spawners. The tall ones are the spawners, and will keep spawning more nevi, so make sure you take those out first with your gravity kick. After killing these nevi and moving on to the next part, you will find some more typical nevi. They shouldn't be too much of a problem but don't forget you can upgrade your powers if needed.

Before going to the next area, you will find what looks like a flat road going up. If you go to it, Gade will tell you about a new power, gravity sliding. To use it, put both of your thumbs on the screen and tilt the Vita to move Kat. You can also use the sliding kick while gravity sliding, just slide into an enemy and it will use the sliding kick automatically. Gravity slide up the road to the next area and beat these nevi. Keep in mind that there will be some nevi on the ceiling in one part which can be difficult to deal with if your gravity gauge time is not leveled up enough. There is another new power to find on your way to the next area. Go to the tree and Kat will learn a new power. You can find one of these power trees in each area, and they give you new gravity powers to defeat enemies with. Press triangle to use it. Keep in mind that the red circle in the top right corner indicates if you can or cannot use the power.

There should now be one more area of nevi left before moving on to the lost city part and final boss.

When you reach the missing town part, a cutscene will start and a giant nevi will appear. This nevi is the boss of this rift area. You can go to the page here for an in depth guide on how to beat it. When you tap the touch screen to use the super move, it will start a cutscene that shows Kat taking out the boss and the missing town along with the people being reunited. Once back though, Raven confronts Kat and is mad at her, but Kat cannot figure out why. Kat runs away while Gade is talking to Raven.

For information, guides, and help on the Rare Nevi in this location you can go here. For help on finding the locations of the mysterious couple in The Ruins, you can go here.

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