Now that you have reunited the missing part of Auldnoir, the train station will be back and working. You can ride the train to the next town, Pleajeune. Pet's are not allowed on the train though, so you get to ride on the top with Dusty. Once in Pleajeune you can look around and check out the town. The only school in Hekseville, Arquebus Academy is in Pleajeune.

Episode 7: Too Many SecretsEdit

Episode 7 will start with a cutscene. You will meet Newt, a student at Arquebus Academy who requests Kat's help with finding his lost friend.

You will get the school girl uniform. Once this episode is over you can always change back into any costume you have at Kat's house. Kat agrees to help Newt find his friend, Echo. The first thing that Kat does to help is ask around Pleajeune for any information anyone might know. Look at your map to see where each person willing to talk to Kat is. Most will just talk to you about rumors they have heard. One person will run away when Kat tries to talk to him, and you must follow him. Once you catch up with him he will give you some interesting information. Another person that Kat talks to requests that Kat takes a quiz to ensure she is not a stranger. The answers to the quiz are: Fire, Arquebus Academy, and Left hand. Once you have talked to each person, head over to the Arquebus Academy to meet up with Newt.

When you meet up with Newt, Kat will offer to take him around the school using her gravity powers to help look for Echo. Press circle to pick up Newt and take him to each marker. You will stop at one point to talk with Maye, another student at Arquebus Academy and a friend of Echo. Maye suggests looking at the student houses. Go to the houses, which are right behind Maye, and a a cutscene will start.

Echo turns out to be in the house, but she is acting very weird. Newt attempts to calm her down, but her bag contains a nevi that ends up taking over Echo and turning into a giant spider nevi. You will have to fight and defeat the Nevi. You can go here for a guide on how to take down the Echo boss fight. Once you beat Echo the final cutscene of the episode will begin and Echo will return to normal.

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