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Eto Cities

Eto is the land at the top of the World Pillar. A majestic kingdom, it is Kat's home, where she reigns as Queen Alua. It was first seen at the very beginning of Gravity Rush, behind the tree the player knocks the apple from, and is later visited in the postgame story segments of Gravity Rush 2. One peculiarity unique to Eto is the presence of benevolent, white-colored Nevi. They are at the beck and call of the royal family, and will attack if ordered.

In Eto, time flows extremely quickly relative to Hekseville, although it is more likely that in Hekseville time flows more slowly and time in Eto is normal. Due to the time dilation effect of the World Pillar, one hundred years passed in Eto during the events of Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2.

In Eto, the royal succession is determined by "divine revelation" rather than any kind of royal lineage, though this is usually done at a young age and Alua was older than normal when she was chosen.

The people of Eto live at least double the lifespans of typical humans. Xicero only visibly ages 50 years in 100 years' time, perhaps even less.

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