Gravity Days is a comic series that was used in the promotion of Gravity Rush. It was a four part special each containing two comic pages, showing Kat's every day life in Hekseville. A special comic with four pages was released in the Special Fan Book of Gravity Rush, detailing an interaction between Kat, Raven, Gade and Yunica.

Issue 1 - The Guardian of HeksevilleEdit

The first comic details Kat’s unique ability of gravity manipulation. [1]

Issue 2 - The Red BalloonEdit

The second comic features the happenings that take place when Kat attempts to retrieve a little girl’s red balloon. [2]

Issue 3 - The Little TyrantEdit

The third comic shows Kat taking care of a baby, which is a difficult challenge requiring special skills! [3]

Issue 4 - The Circus of NightEdit

The fourth comic centres on Kat visiting a circus performance. [4]

Gravity Days AlternativeEdit

The fifth and final comic was released in the Special Fan Book. It detailed an interaction between Kat, Raven, Gade and Yunica.

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