Gravity Rush
Gravity rush boxart
Developer(s) SCE Japan Studio (Project Siren)
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
First Release Japan: February 9, 2012. US: June 12, 2012. EU: June 13, 2012.
Genre(s) Action-adventure, action role-playing, open world
Platform(s) PlayStation Vita

Gravity Rush, known in Japan as Gravity Daze (グラヴィティデイズ/重力的眩暈:上層への帰還において彼女の内宇宙に生じた摂動?) is an action role-playing video game developed for the PlayStation Vita by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio. It was remastered in 2016 for the Playstation 4 and It followed up by Gravity Rush 2, a Playstation 4 exclusive.


Gravity Rush started off back in 2008 as a PlayStation 3 project called Gravité before being transferred to the PlayStation Vita. Directed by Keiichiro Toyama, previously known for creating the survival horror series Silent Hill and Siren , the core mechanic of the game is the player's ability to manipulate gravity to facilitate their navigation of the levels in the game. The graphics are cel-shaded, which in Toyama's opinion stand out from the western photorealistic trend.

The game was released physically on PlayStation Vita card and as digital download on the PlayStation Store.


Gravity Rush is an open world game that features gameplay revolving around the aspect of controlling gravity. Using the right analog stick or the accelerometer, the player can shift gravity in any direction they want to fall that way. As players progress through Kat's story, they unlock new gravity abilities by leveling up through collecting gems and completing sidequests and challenges. There is a large emphasis on using physical attacks and other special abilities to destroy enemies.


Gravity Rush takes place in a fantasy world. In this world, there are several pillars and the main setting focuses around one particular pillar called Hekseville, which consists of four separate townsAuldnoir, Pleajeune, Vendecentre and Endestria.


Gravity Rush has received generally positive reviews from critics. It has an average ranking of 82% on Game Rankings and has gained an 83 out of 100 on Metacritic.  Notable Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu awarded it a 38 out of 40, becoming its highest rated PlayStation Vita game.  The UK's PSM3 gave it a 9.3/10, concluding that it "Perfectly balances free-roaming exploration, focused story missions and RPG-style leveling, with sublime handheld controls in Vita's first killer app." Destructoid and Gamespot each gave it 6.5/10 and received a 7.5 from IGN. It received the Tokyo Game Show Game of the Year award in 2012 where Toyama said, "I'll do my best on the sequel."

It was also nominated for the "Best Handheld Game" at Spike's 10th Annual Video Game Awards.

References to previous worksEdit

  • On top of Auldnoir's church, players familiar with the Forbidden Siren series may recognize the Mana Cross.
  • Manhole covers and the clock tower in Vendecentre feature triangular symbols similar to the Seal of Metatron associated with The Order from Silent Hill.
  • During Kat's first trip to a different plane, a father of a lost boy mentions a strange feeling like they all are just figments of someone's imagination or dream, a theme similar to Silent Hill's alternate dimension born from Alessa Gillespie's suffering.

Appearances in Other GamesEdit

  • The game appears as a collectible in the PlayStation 4 version of Republique. The character Cooper praises the unique gameplay, story and setting, while also mentioning the original Japanese name of the game.


Gravity Rush English Trailer

Gravity Rush English Trailer