Gravity Storms are large, black hole looking objects that consume objects that get to close to it. The first Gravity Storm is introduced when it is seen sucking up Eugie in his home. They appear in red and black, like Nevi and come in many sizes.


The first Gravity Storm seen is, as mentioned above, first seen as Kat saves Eugie from being consumed in the Gravity Storm. Later, after meeting Gade, he explains how people have been separated from thier families by these Gravity Storms. It also claimed part of the cities around Hekseville. In order to return the lost parts of the city, you must go to the Rift Planes to recover them.


A nevi storm near Auldnoir

Gravity Storms are found variously around the game in all of the towns. Some challenges around the city allow you to destroy them (using the precious gems and the generators.)


  • Legend says that people who were sucked into Gravity Storms only remeber seeing a bright, white light.
  • If you get too close to Gravity Storms, Dusty will meow and teleport you back to the city.

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