Gravity storm

The first Gravity Storm featured in the series.

A Gravity Storm is a large, black hole that consumes anything or anyone in range. The first gravity storm is seen when it is seen sucking up Eugie from his home in Gravity Rush.


The first Gravity Storm, as mentioned above, is first seen as Kat saves Eugie from being consumed by the Gravity Storm. Later, after meeting Gade, he explains how people have been separated from their families by these Gravity Storms. It also consumed parts of the cities around Hekseville. In order to return the lost parts of the city, Kat had to go the Rift Planes to recover them.

Gravity Storms are found variously around Hekseville, in all of the towns. Some dis-activated facilities around the city allow Kat to destroy the storms after adding fuel to the furnaces via precious gems.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

Delvool Trench MineEdit

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Under certain conditions at a mining site within a gravity storm, a secondary gravity storm can be seen in a specific location, in which interacting with it will take Kat into a deeper and unique layer of a mining site. Each layer contains these secondary gravity storms that allow Kat to go deeper into the trench mine, where she will also encounter stronger Nevi and Nevi that cannot be encountered anywhere else outside the storyline.



  • If Kat gets too close to Gravity Storms, Dusty will meow and teleport her back to the city.