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Kali Angel
Gravity-Rush-2 10-26-16 012

Kali as she appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Female
Appears in Gravity Rush 2

The daughter of Dr. Brahman, Kali Angel acts as one of the guardians of Hekseville after the disappearance of Kat. Kali is widely regarded as a superhero in Hekseville as she displays inhuman abilities and protects the citizens by fighting against crime or any form of threat that may injure the people of Hekseville.


Spoiler warning!
This article contains spoilers about part of Gravity Rush.


Kali was kidnapped along with her sister Durga by Dr. Brahman, which sparked the Missing Orphans Case. This was due to the fact that she matched some sort of genetic profile that allowed her to be imbued with powerful abilities in the service of Brahman's plan.

She was separated from her sister and eventually became the so-called protector of Hekseville in Kat's place until the events of Gravity Rush 2.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

When Kat refuses to assist in Brahman's plan, she arrives to kill Kat. Kat is saved by Raven, but Raven also brings along her sister Durga (a.k.a. Cecie). Kali becomes obsessed with making Durga stop acting like Cecie and regain her twisted personality, becoming gradually more unhinged.

When Kali and Durga's attempt to enact Brahman's plan fails, and Durga reverts to her Cecie personality, Kali goes insane and her regeneration abilities run amok, absorbing Durga and turning her into a hideous blob-like mass. She is defeated by Kat and Raven, saving the city and resulting in her death.


Kali is egotistical and dismissive of gravity shifters. She is opportunistic and treats her superhero status as a way to remain in the limelight, unlike Kat, who helps people for the sake of helping them.


Kali's fighting abilities are supported by her superhuman strength and the ability to quickly heal her wounds thanks to her crystallization abilities.

Unlike Durga, her angel wings are only a decorative part of her costume. She must grow crystal floating islands in the sky to remain afloat. She grows actual wings briefly, before being taken out by Lisa.




  • Kali and her sister, Durga Angel, appear to take their names from the Hindu goddesses Kali and Durga. Kali has played many roles in the HIndu tradition, but she is frequently revered as a destroyer of evil and a goddess of time, as her name is related to the Sanskrit term kāla (time). In a similar vein, their father shares his name with the Hindu concept of Brahman, the ultimate reality that underpins the fabric of the universe.


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