Lisa as she appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Female
Age 40
Appears in Gravity Rush 2
Voice actor MIchiko Kaiden

Lisa is the strong and short-tempered leader of the Banga Settlement. Ever the realist, she inspires both fear and respect in the villagers but always prioritizes the safety of the settlement.


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Gravity Rush 2Edit


Lisa is stern, pragmatic, and frequently short-tempered. She tolerates no laziness or excuses from her workers and demands that everyone contribute their share to the settlement's well-being. She rarely smiles, commanding an authoritative and fearsome presence in front of others.

She maintains a grounded, realistic view of the world, to the point where she and Kat frequently clash with one another on the correct course of action. After Kat descends to Lei Elgona, she expresses disbelief and anger that Lisa would stand by and allow the poor of Jirga Para Lhao to be exploited. Bristling, Lisa responds that "We can't feed our families on ideals" and that "if we argue or fight back, things just get made worse." Her heritage as a Lhao causes her to harbor a deep-seated hatred for the reigning Council, but her practical, even cynical attitude has resigned her to working with them and with unsavory merchants such as Vogo.

After the events leading up to Episode 10: No Messiah, No Message, Lisa undergoes an abrupt change. Chopping her hair short and doffing her duster-like outerwear, she admits that Kat was right and that "if we don't fight for what's ours, we don't deserve it." She declares her intent to revolt against the Council, and with Kat's help she succeeds in overthrowing them, reclaiming the Cargo of the Lhao tribe and becoming the city's leader. Even then, though, she urges caution; when Neu Hiraleon descends upon Lei Havina, Kat demands she send in the fleet to assist, but Lisa refuses, saying they must consider the greater good of the city.

Lisa is implied to be a heavy drinker at the outset of the game, as she is depicted in cutscenes carrying a flask or taking swigs from a bottle. According to one of the residents of Banga, she often drowns her sorrows in alcohol, and her drink of choice is described as "rot-gut." As the story progresses, however, she is seen drinking less and less frequently.


Cecie/Durga AngelEdit

Cecie is Lisa's adopted daughter, having taken the young girl in after arriving in Banga through a gravity storm. Most of the time, Cecie is on the sharp end of Lisa's strict teachings, but Gawan implies that this is for Cecie's safety. Though she doesn't show it, Lisa does care very much about Cecie, and is thankful for the work she's done, as shown in the side mission "If I Had Just One Wish". Lisa's love for Cecie proves to be pivotal in awakening Cecie from her Durga from.





When Kat first ends up in Banga, Lisa immediately put both her and Syd to work in the mines. She sees Kat as nothing but trouble since arriving, as she bore the brunt of Lisa's wrath sometimes. Upon witnessing Kat destroy a Nevi/Scarab, Lisa is quickly apologetic towards Kat, and allows her to have the spare room. Despite her initial feelings towards her, Lisa gradually warms up to Kat over the course of the game, going as far to assist Kat in two major boss fights, though she still questioned Kat's heroic tendencies at times, and their ideals still clashed now and then. Even so, Lisa still looks out for Kat and is willing to help her in a time of need, as demonstrated in Kat's fights with Kali and The Darkness. During the epilogue, it seems that Lisa misses Kat dearly (though not to the same extent as Raven), as implied with a silent response at the mention of Kat's name.


Much like Kat, Lisa saw Syd as nothing but trouble upon arriving in Banga, especially evident after she is introduced. While not to the as extent as Kat, she warms up to Syd after discovering who Kat really is after she saved the settlement from a giant Nevi. She seems oblivious to Syd's antics, and doesn't call him out for disobeying an order she gives. Throughout their time in Jirga Para Lhao, she and Syd are often seen together in the over-world, usually discussing maintenance work on the airships.


Lisa and Raven don't interact with each other very much of the course of the game, only mentioning Raven by name occasionally. After Kat rescues Raven from brainwashing, Lisa welcomes her into Banga since Syd was able to vouch for her, and that her past doesn't matter. She does allow Raven to join Kat in rescuing Syd, Cecie, and other prisoners from The Council's prison base.



  • According to the Gravity Rush 2 Complete Guide, Lisa is 40 years old.
  • Lisa can sometimes be seen wearing a pince-nez while reading, implying she is farsighted.
  • Lisa's voice actor, Michiko Kaiden, is known for her role as Rico Brzenska in the Japanese dub of the Attack on Titan anime series.