Gravity-Rush-Daze DLC screenshots 3 0003

The Maid costume.

The Maid DLC (downloadable content) is one of three costume packs available on the PlayStation Network, priced at $3.99. This pack adds a new costume for Kat to wear, along with four new missions and eight new trophies for the player to collect.

The missions revolve around Kat becoming a maid for Melda in order to earn money to pay back Aujean for 'destroying' his home.

Mission WalkthroughsEdit

The Diary of a Maid The Madam and the Shifter

Challenge WalkthroughsEdit

Rift Plane Unlimited Power Attack Auldnoir Free Race II


Please refer to the full trophy list here for a complete list of the trophies in this DLC pack.

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