Nala as she appears in Gravity Rush
Gender Female
Appears in Gravity Rush

Nala is Singlor's wife. She is one of the Mysterious Couple. She loved Singlor deeply. She did think about leaving Singlor, since he was so devoted to science and often stayed late in the laboratory. But then Singlor had an accident. Something happened in the accident  because of which these two people (Singlor and Nala) were forced to wander Auldnoir alone and we're not seen by anyone, except Kat. Unlike with Singlor, Kat is unable to speak to Nala and does not even remember after seeing her when Singlor asks. Nala is kind and likes to tell Kat stories even though she knows Kat can't see her. She tells her of the man who climbed the pillar and was treated like a honored guest for many years. It is unknown why Kat cannot see, talk to or remember Nala.


Please refer to the Mysterious Couple Locations page for where to find Nala.


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