The Nevi in several different forms they appear as in Gravity Rush

Giacago(left) Are(center) Jiu(right)

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Appears in Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush 2

The Nevi are a strange race of monsters that are, generally, colored black or white with red cores, but may sometimes be colored black and green. They are the primary antagonists of Gravity Rush. They come out of gravity storms and attack the innocent citizens of Hekseville. Kat and Raven both share a common enemy with the Nevi.

Nevi come in many different shapes and sizes, and have different capabilities. Some of these enemies have a protective shell that cannot be destroyed with normal attacks, but only with certain combat attacks like the Gravity Kick. Some Nevi are capable of flight, while others are unusually large in size. The way they attack and move vary greatly. In general, each type of Nevi has a weakness that can be exploited.

In Gravity Rush 2, it's revealed in Eto that the Light Nevi are usually docile and friendly unless ordered to attack. Alias is seen in Endestria controling the Dark Nevi, and it is later revealed that he did this with some sort of Nevi controlling device.

Defeating a Nevi may yield a health pickup or a gem.

Physical Traits Edit

Nevi are predominantly made up of a black or white gelatinous material that generally retains its form but can sometimes shapeshift. Their eyes glow with a reddish light and appear to govern not just their vision but their consciousness as well.

Nevi can also grow protective shells, but these cannot grow back quickly if destroyed. These shells sometimes hide additional eyes, which further supports the notion that the eyes are where the Nevi's brain is located.

When the eyes are attacked they turn a deeper shade of red. When they are broken, they shatter like glass and any glow that was in them fades.

Nevi have the ability to transport themselves into other dimensions and can appear out of thin air. However, it is possible to attract them to certain locations using some unknown chemical, which can also be used to kill or at least injure them when combined with "Nevi-B-Gone".

Most Nevi have appearances that are humanoid or resemble real-life animals; it's unclear whether the animals they resemble actually exist in the Gravity Rush world or existed at some point.

Behavioral Traits Edit

Dark Nevi tend to mindlessly attack whatever is in the general vicinity. Light Nevi are normally docile unless provoked or ordered to attack by the royalty of Eto.

The level of intelligence demonstrated by the Nevi never goes above that of an animal, with the exception of the Guardians, though this may be because they are guided by their owner's will.

Types of Nevi Edit

Are Edit


The basic Nevi type, they skitter around on the ground and attack with their whip-like appendage. They appear in this form in Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush: Overture.

In Gravity Rush 2, their appearance is changed and possibly retconned to a more lizard-like one, with the eye in the front instead of on top of their body and the whip changed into a tail.

Jiu Edit

A type of Nevi that heavily resembles an octopus. It floats around in the air and exclusively shoots projectiles. Its appearance remained unchanged across both games.

Fugare Edit


A Nevi with frog-like traits that hops around and has an eye on what appears to be its back.

This Nevi was removed entirely from Gravity Rush 2.

Lancan Edit


A Nevi that has an eye on what appears to be its rear, and charges at enemies using a whip-like appendage it can form into a spear.

Concept art shows that its design used to look like an extremely humanoid, crawling man with a spike on his head, but its arms were removed in the final product. In Gravity Rush 2 it was made even more monstrous, with its entire body besides its legs now comprising a huge, alligator-like mouth.

Defnete Edit


A mollusk-like Nevi that stays the same in both games.

Mosui Edit


An insect-like Nevi that stays the same in both games. It's able to fly around using its wings.

Malloid Edit


A swordfish-like Nevi that deals heavy damage using its scissor-like horn.

Giacago Edit


A Nevi that looks like a humanoid giant with one arm larger than the other. It can use a short range AOE blast as defense and stretch its one arm out to an extreme degree for aerial attacks. In Gravity Rush 2 it has a protective shell over some of its eyes.

Eckiray Edit


An armored Nevi that shoots dark, orb-like projectiles capable of homing in on Kat.

Kinoue Edit


An armored Nevi that is rooted to the ground, shooting dark, orb-like projectiles capable of homing in on Kat.

Lorets Edit


Very tall giraffe-like Nevi with a disproportionately large head and spindly limbs. Their eyes are located on their back.

They also share a distinct resemblance to the surrealistic creatures in the art of Salvador Dali.

Shiga Edit

Humanoid shark-like Nevi that can "swim" through solid ground and jump out to attack, leaving them vulnerable to retaliation. Their eye appears to be located on their crotch area.

They do not make an appearance in Gravity Rush 2.

Manago Edit


These Nevi totter about, encased in an armored body.

Batouyue Edit


Extremely large Nevi that vaguely resemble a leafy seadragon. They move slowly but shoot many projectiles and are hard to take down due to their large number of eyes.

Minaye Edit


Sea urchin like Nevi that are able to quickly extend their spikes and impale anything that gets close. After this, they have to recharge, leaving them vulnerable.

In Gravity Rush 2 their spikes were changed to a circular ribbon-like body surrounding a floating eye.

Taion Edit


Cusuico Edit


Lagan Edit


Nucago Edit


Rare NeviEdit

Main article: Rare Nevi

There are some hidden boss Nevi in the rift planes that cannot be harmed by Kat's special attacks. These Nevi are black and green, instead of black and red. Defeating any of these Nevi will award the player with a trophy and a plethora of gems.