Nushi as it appears in Gravity Rush
Gender None/Unknown
Appears in Gravity Rush

Nushi is a Giant Nevi that Kat encounters in Gravity Rush, and serves as the boss in Boutoume.


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Nushi is a giant fish-like Nevi that attacks the children in the city of the edge, otherwise known as Boutoume. Nushi lives here constantly harassing the kids that live there. Kat and Raven work together to try and defeat it several times. After Kat awakens from the dream world she is able to spot its weaknesses and defeat it.

When Kat and Raven get all the children inside the Ark to bring them back to Hekseville, Nushi reappears attacking it and manages to separate Kat from the rest of the group. Right after she makes her way up to Hekseville, Kat finds Nushi there, but Yunica quickly appears and easily destroys it.


First Battle:

Nushi will fly around within Boutoume. While it is flying you cannot hurt it so just try to stay close and avoid the gravity balls that it shoots at you. Every once in a while it will take a break to stop and shoot. During this time a weak spot will appear right behind its head. Attack it during this time. After this it will repeat this process. After taking down its health it will appear dead but then come back. This time Raven comes to help. Raven will set up traps. As Kat you will need to distract it and wait for Raven to call you over. Once she does go to the marker and a Raven will drop a trap on Nushi hitting its weak spot and doing a lot of damage. Repeat this until you beat it.

Second Battle:

After waking up from a dream that teaches Kat new things she realizes she can now see more things than before. She can now see several weak spots on the back of Nushi that weren't there in the first battle. This is fairly straight forward as all you need to do it attack the weak spots on its back. After destroying all of these you will be able to attack the one on the back of its head, but again only when it stops to do its big attack. Defeat it and then you will watch another cut scene.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first game, Nushi is the only boss character that Kat fights more than once, assuming the second encounter with Raven isn't counted as a fight.
  • For some reason, the cutscene in which Raven sets up traps to damage Nushi is recycled at least three times.