Oh, Sweet Little Lady is a sidequest from Gravity Rush 2.

Story Edit

Kat encounters an elderly man in Lei Colmosna, who tells her she has a “lovely...heart” and asks her to take pictures of five beautiful women for him. Kat gives him a doubtful look, but the man begins coughing violently and tells her that the pictures will ward off evil spirits and maladies. Persuaded, Kat sets out to photograph the women of Lei Colmosna.

After taking four pictures and struggling to find a fifth subject, Kat decides to use her tripod and take a selfie. When she returns to the man, he declares the first four women to be beautiful, but seems less enthused about Kat herself. Nonetheless, he thanks her and her “beautiful...heart.”

Completing this mission unlocks the Men’s Portraits and Women’s Portraits galleries.

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