Pleajeune 3

Pleajeune as it appears in Gravity Rush

Pleajeune (プレジューヌ, Purejūnu) is a location in Hekseville, the second of the four districts to which Kat travels in Gravity Rush. Also called the Entertainment District, it houses numerous bars, shops, and venues that offer all manner of recreation and enjoyment. Additionally, it is home to Arquebus Academy.

It is also a location in Gravity Rush 2.

Geography Edit

Story Edit

Locations Edit

Gravity Rush 2 Edit

Manholes Edit

  • Arquebus Academy
  • Goddess Statue
  • Pandora's Fortunes

Challenge Missions Edit

  • Aggressive Sales Tactics II
  • Behind the Scenes I
  • Customer Service II
  • Sliding Race II

Other Edit

  • Pandora's Fortunes
  • Pleajeune Station

Trivia Edit

  • Pleajeune's name is most likely a combination of "Pleasure" and jeune, the French word for "young" or "youth."
  • In Gravity Rush 2, fireworks will occasionally be set off in Pleajeune. A group of citizens gathers behind the ferris wheel and launches them into the air. If Kat attempts to shift into the fireworks, she will stop and cry out as if taking damage (although no actual damage is incurred). It is still unclear what triggers the fireworks show.


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