Saghassi is a street artist who appears in Gravity Rush 2. His pieces of chalk street art become the sole property of whoever is the first to find them, and sell for tremendous prices.

Biography Edit

While never seen in person, most information about him comes from the side mission Wandering Artistry.

Kat follows a fortune by Pandora in order to find one of Saghassi's paintings for one of the shop's customers. When she realizes that she could have claimed the painting herself and made a great deal of money, she resolves to find the rest of the paintings.

Paintings Edit

Saghassi's art looks like amorphous blobs surrounded by text at first glance, but the photo collection of Saghassi's art reveals that the art is actually akin to an origin story of the world and has a deep connection to the game's lore.

It's possible that there is some document akin to the Bible in the game's world where he obtained this information. Or he could not even be human, and have discovered the information through supernatural means.

Trivia Edit

  • Saghassi is clearly based off the real-life street artist Banksy, whose identity is also shrouded in mystery and whose art is owned by whoever's wall or building he decides to paint it on.
  • It's unclear how the "owners" of the art are are actually able to possess it, as the street art has no obvious way to be removed.
  • Despite all of Saghassi's artworks found around the map being regarded as paintings, it appears to be drawn by chalk rather than actually using paint.

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