Kat's Home, also called the Pipe House, is Kat's residence in Hekseville.

Story Edit

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Gravity Rush Edit

After Kat awakens in Hekseville, she realizes that she needs to find a place to stay. While exploring the city, she falls through a manhole and tumbles into the sewers, where she finds a large pipe that she decides would make a perfect home. She proceeds to furnish and decorate the pipe, turning it into her house. From this point on, the house serves as a spot for the player to save their game, warp to other locations, and change Kat's costumes.

After the events of the first game transpire, Cyanea moves into the pipe house with Kat, where she can frequently be seen nodding off in the chair.

Gravity Rush 2 Edit

Upon Kat's return to Hekseville, she travels to her pipe house only to discover that it has been filled with garbage and that her old bed is infested with bugs. A police officer arrives and states that since the house is not registered to anyone, she can no longer stay there. Incensed, Kat leaves.

After Kat encounters Dr. Brahman in Episode 14: Carefree Gentleman, she returns to her home to find that he registration has been processed and that Brahman has gifted her with a new bed.

From this point on, the player can use Kat's home as a manhole warp point and as a means to replay previous story missions and side missions. The player can also decorate the house using furniture obtained by completing side missions, challenge missions, or treasure hunts.

Trivia Edit

  • Throughout the course of Gravity Rush 2, Kat will decorate the house's walls with photos of her adventures throughout Jirga Para Lhao and Hekseville. The pictures can be difficult to make out clearly, but a few photos can be discerned, such as a picture of Kat in her Singer costume, and a photo of Dr. Brahman.
  • In the first Gravity Rush, Kat simply lounges on her bed when she enters her house. In Gravity Rush 2, however, she has several animations that can be seen while relaxing at home; these include lying on her bed, sitting on her chair and stretching, standing near the head of her bed, and, if she has a mirror, checking her appearance in front of the mirror.
    • If the player unlocks the rocking chair furnishing, Kat will occasionally doze off while sitting in the chair.

Gallery Edit

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