A shifter is someone who can shift gravity in different directions thanks to an animal-shaped being which resembles a night sky due to their starry black skin. Kat and Raven are the only known shifters in the first game. In the sequel, we get to meet The other, also known as Mysterious Woman. This shifter is a fused version of Kat and Raven, she looks identical to Kat but has black hair and the voice of Raven. Her costume is alike Kat shifter 2.0 costume, but it is red and has different Golden rings around her arms. When shifting gravity she becomes green. Each one of them has their own animal, Kat's being a cat which she names Dusty, and Raven's being a crow which she names Xii. It is unknown if the Mysterious Woman has a guardian. These cosmic animals are referred to as Guardians. Only members of the Eto royal family can possess them. Cai is also revealed to have a guardian named Wolp, which resembles a deer with wings. This makes Cai the third shifter known.

Shifters often tend to inherit their personalities from the animal which their guardian is based on:

  • Kat is curious by nature, independent, and and may flee from a fight if it gets too rough for her. This characterisation is derived from cats, which Dusty resembles. Kat is also more playful.
  • With her guardian Xii being a crow, Raven is cunning and intelligent, but at the same time, sombre and aloof. She displays a more sinister vibe, which gradually fades away over the course of the series.
  • It is not clear whether Cai inherits his personality from deer or not, the animal which Wolp resembles.