Side Missions are the sidequests of Gravity Rush 2. These missions offer the player a chance to increase Kat's power level, meet new characters, and obtain collectibles.

Missions Edit

Banga Settlement Edit

  • Dream Doll, Angel Doll
  • Fly Me to the Storm

Jirga Para Lhao Edit

Hekseville Edit

  • Anchors Aweigh
  • A Legend is Born
  • An Angel Named Double-Cross
  • Hands Up, Hands Out
  • One Day This Crush Will End
  • Come One, Come All
  • A House in the Blue Sky
  • Training Day
  • Training Day II
  • Forbidden Games
  • Find the Idol
  • The Grand Illusion
  • Anchors Aweigh II
  • Thus Spoke the Adventurer
  • Do What You Will
  • A Legend is Born II
  • Wandering Artistry
  • Spirit of a Man
  • Forbidden Cargo
  • The New World
  • A Game of Gravity
  • Find the Idol II
  • Flow My Tears, the Man Said
  • Going to Town

Trivia Edit

  • Several of the missions' titles may be allusions to other works of fiction or entertainment.
    • "Fly Me to the Storm" is likely a play on "Fly Me to the Moon," a well-known jazz standard and love song popularized by Frank Sinatra.
    • "The Machineries of Joy" takes its title from a 1964 collection of short stories by science fiction author Ray Bradbury.
    • "Something This Way Flies" may be an oblique reference to "something wicked this way comes," a line from Shakespeare's Macbeth and the title of another work by Ray Bradbury.
    • "The Wages of Fear" is the name of a well-known 1953 French-Italian drama film.
    • "Training Day" is a reference to the 2001 crime movie of the same name.
    • "Forbidden Games" is an acclaimed 1952 French war drama film.
    • "Do What You Will" is the title of a collection of essays by English author Aldous Huxley. However, as the mission in question deals with an incontinent dog, the connection between the two seems unlikely.
    • "Flow My Tears, the Man Said" is a possible reference to Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, a 1974 science fiction novel by author Philip K. Dick, which tells the story of a singer and TV star who awakens in a world where he has never existed.

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