Space and TimeEdit

As we know, in Gravity rush, there is a challenge called: "In Space and Time" like.

In this (optional) challenge, we need to find for 16 times, a husband and a wife which were killed (seems like) by an experiment gone wrong about the gravity control. They are in some casual place of Hekseville, Boutoume and dimensional plains.

When we have find them, we will know that the mysterious wife have some sort of "power" that let she drive in others places not mentioned in the game story. She talks about a town that is similiar to Hekseville and a "gravity curse" that kidnaps people for some time and then make them return to Hekseville.

She even talked about an "ancient man" that climbed up the famouse pillar of the world and found a Castle were he met a queen. When the man returned to his town, it had been a day even if he stayed to the castle for one year. Of course, this is an obvious reference to Cyanea's dream.

The quest ends whit the disappearance of the husband and the wife. After that, we gain a silver trophy.

My suppositions is that Kat was a queen of that "similiar town like Hekseville" and then, maybe becouse of a Nevi powerful attack, she lost her powers and memories becoming a human falling to Auldnoir.  The ending of this game  make us know that there will be a sequel of this fantastic title. Maybe, we will know what is behind the true origins of Kat, Dusty, Gade, "Shifters" and Cyanea dream's.

Boutume "secret"Edit

If we go out the stone sphere around Boutume, we will find the World Pillar like crashed in the same stone sphere. In the point that it crash, it seems like branching in that brown-grey branches were kids' village is based. If we watch down (the Dark ocean) we see that there is no more pillar's branches or anything else. Is that the end of the World?

The Pillar of the WorldEdit

The Pillar of the World is a huge and big pillar of stone that maintains the world. In one of the story-chapters, we will be able to go inside it to reach the old Boutoume and prevent gravity storms. A mystery about it is that we can't touch it more after the chapter ends. If we try to walk on it, Dusty will prevent us to go closer like falling for long distance or going up too far. Checking the map will show a big question mark which represents the pillar.

If we could go up, probably we will find that "magic" castle the ghost wife have talked about.

The famous letterEdit

Did you recognize that letter we should give back to the girl before falling inside the pillar? Well, it seems we can't read it and even give it back but it was shown that we received it from the ghost guy and take it somewhere.

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