Gravity-Rush-2 09-21-15 Chara Syd

Syd as he appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Male
Age 30
Appears in Gravity Rush
Gravity Rush 2
Voice actor Go Shinomiya

Syd is a major character in Gravity Rush and its sequel. He appears quite often throughout both games and is the third person whom Kat meets after waking up in Hekseville, after Aujean and Eugie.


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This article contains spoilers about part of Gravity Rush.

At the beginning of the game, Syd is a police officer. Later on in the game, the police force merges with the military after D'nelica becomes mayor.

When Kat first meets Syd, he is getting beat up by a couple of bandits. Kat comes in and saves him. Kat however isn't interested in what he has to say at this point, and ignores him as she checks out the wanted poster for Raven.

Syd is the one who gives Kat her name, as she couldn't remember her own.

Throughout the game Syd's path crosses with Kat's multiple times, most notably when the situation involves Alias, and he often benefits from Kat's heroism.

In Gravity Rush 2, it is revealed that Syd was one of Kat's attendants during her time in Eto as Queen Alua. He was stabbed in the back and cast from Eto along with Kat immediately prior to the first game's opening. Additionally, he is revealed to be the true identity of Alias.

He possesses a device that allows him to control the nevi. It bears a resebelence to the symbol on Alias' shirt collar. It is first shown briefly during the climax of the first game in the comic strip intro of episode 21, but in Gravity Rush 2, he unveils its true power, the ability to control Nevi.


Trivia Edit

  • According to the Gravity Rush 2 Complete Guide, Syd is 30 years old.


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