The Angry Centipede is a group of bandits who reside in Lei Elgona.

Biography Edit

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Gravity Rush 2 Edit

Kat first encounters the Angry Centipede when Vogo and Fi enlist her help to retrieve a shipment of ore that the group has stolen[1]. She descends to Lei Elgona and tails a member of the gang through the houseboat fleet, eventually finding her way to their hideout where she fights them. However, the citizens of Lei Elgona begin attacking her, saying the Angry Centipede is helping them by stealing the ore and preventing their starvation.

Kat, bloody-nosed and shocked, has little time to react as the military of Jirga Para Lhao suddenly arrives. She aids the Angry Centipede in fighting them off, and the bandits thank her for her help afterwards. Thereafter, the group becomes a friend to and ally of the gravity shifter.

During the Side Mission "An Author's Discreet Charm," Kat tracks a fugitive author (who is trying to evade a deadline) down to the Angry Centipede's hideout, where he has disguised himself as one of the group's members. He tries to convince the gang that Kat has come to infiltrate their ranks as a "tool of the rich," but by the time the Angry Centipede members realize their mistake, the author has already fled.

Appearances Edit

Gravity Rush 2

References Edit

  1. Episode 5: Circles in the Water

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