The InfernoEdit

The Inferno is one of the several Rift Planes which contains one of the the missing pieces of Hekseville, particularly a piece of Pleajeune. Kat will explore this place during Episode 8 : A Hundred and One Nights

Like the other Rift Planes you explore through Gade the Creator, you have to follow the light emitted by the flowers, that bloom only when you have eliminated all the Nevi in the area.

Here Kat will learn a new special attack , the Gravity Typhoon, a power that unleashes a forward energy hail.

This area is very dangerous, in fact, when you touch the limit of the planet you get damage and Kat will exclaim :"Hot hot hot!"

The boss of this area is supposed to be a giant Nevi, but Raven comes in and destroys this giant Nevi. Kat then has to fight Raven and she then becomes the boss of this area.