Rare NeviEdit

This is the second rare Nevi and is located in the Rift: The Inferno. Being located in the second rift area, it is the second hardest rare Nevi to defeat. This Nevi is also green like the other rare Nevi.


After entering the Inferno, you will go through a tunnel until you get to an open area. After defeating the various nevi here, another tunnel will open up. Go through this tunnel until you get to yet another open area. In this area, if you go to the bottom you will find what looks like rail road tracks. Follow these tracks into a tunnel where the rare nevi is located. Look at the photos below for visuals on the location.


For this rare nevi it is recommended that you have your gravity kick upgraded to atleast level 4. This nevi is actually not very complicated to beat. While standing at the entrance to the area in which it is located, at the edge of the tunnel, shift towards a point just above its right shoulder. It will execute its punch, giving you a significant window of time in which to attack the cores on its back and flee. Merely repeat this process and it should fall before too long. However, do be wary of the shielded core on its face, which takes quite a few gravity kicks to destroy even at the highest level.


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