"She's from another time and place... Bringing her here wasn't easy..."

The Other (ジ・ァザ一)[1], called the Mysterious Woman in-game, is an unnamed character in Gravity Rush 2. She is the original entity of Kat and Raven from another dimension[2] who's purpose was to train and unlock Kat's and Raven's latent abilities.


Bit brought her from "another time and place" to Kat's dream during "Episode 23: Lamentations" so that Kat and Raven could learn something valuable from her. When Kat (and presumably Raven, although this is not shown) first encounters her, she compels Kat to undergo a series of stone tablet trials, forcing her to first use Lunar Style and Jupiter Style for a few tablet trials and a trial battle with her. Once Kat has completed the trials and fought the Other twice, she creates and launches a beam of energy (resembling the guardian transformation energy) that causes Kat to enter "Panther Mode". Kat battles her for the third time and defeats her (with Raven appearing in "Phoenix Mode" for the finisher as well); upon the finisher being executed, the Other smiles一implying her role has been fulfilled or that she got the results she wanted一and then disappears in a burst of light. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Other's primary abilities are shifting. She can perform Gravity Kicks, which she uses against Kat in their first and second training battle. Her kick style is the exact same as Kat's but with a slight spinning animation like Night Gale's.

She can also use Stasis Field, which she has four versions of: normal, charged, Debris Ball, and charged-up Debris Ball. The normal version acts similar to Kat's and Raven's Stasis Field attacks in that she attracts objects form the environment and hurls them forward. The charged-up version has a slightly longer start up but doesn't seem to have any other secondary effects, making it appear as just an aesthetic variation. The regular Debris Ball is small just like Kat's regular version in her Jupiter Style, but her charged up version is massive and bigger than Kat's charged up version.

The Other also possess the ability to manipulate Stone Tablets—without being affected by them, as seen when she was shifting after interacting with the Tablet—and Kat's shifting powers and gravity styles, which was seen when she proceeded to lock Kat into using her Lunar Style first, stripping her Jupiter Style temporarily, then restoring her Jupiter Style while stripping her Lunar Style.

She's also capable of using long-range energy ball attacks, of which she used two harmless versions on Kat to change her gravity styles. They bare close resemblance to Raven's Blue Jay power.

She has access to her own Panther Mode as well, which she seems to use at will. She used it in her last trial battle with Kat and Raven.

Her physical capabilities are also prominent; she is agile in the air, capable of making swift, immediate turns (similar to Raven), and can perform a series of strong standard kicks.

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References Edit

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