The Other
The other

The Other as she appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Female
Appears in Gravity Rush 2

The Other (ジ・ァザ一)[1], called the Mysterious Woman in-game, is an unnamed shifter whom Kat and Raven encounter in Episode 19 of Gravity Rush 2.

Biography Edit

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Virtually nothing is known about the Other. In terms of appearance she looks identical to Kat, save for her dark hair and her red-and-gold clothes. When shifting gravity, she radiates a green aura, and a shadowy, panther-like figure envelops her upper body. She does not speak, but when she grunts or yells during combat, she does so with two voices.

When Kat (and presumably Raven, although this is not shown) first encounters her, she compels Kat to undergo a series of stone tablet trials, forcing her to first use Lunar Style and then Jupiter Style. Once Kat has completed the trials and fought the Other twice, she unleashes a beam of energy that causes Kat to enter Panther Mode. Kat battles her for a third time and defeats her (with Raven appearing in Phoenix Mode for the finisher as well); upon the finisher being executed, the Other smiles, and then disappears in a burst of light.

When the light fades, Kat and Raven find themselves back in Hekseville.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Other has the ability to force Kat to use Lunar or Jupiter style at will, as well as to deprive her of her shifting powers. She is an extremely strong shifter, possessing the ability to use Panther Mode apparently at will, and while Kat and Raven are successfully able to "defeat" her inasmuch as they complete their trials, it is unclear if the Other was destroyed or even damaged by their assault.

Theory and Speculation Edit

The Other's close resemblance to Kat and the distinct lack of information surrounding her has led to much fan speculation regarding her nature, motive, and purpose.

Given Bit's statement to Raven in Episode 23 that she and Kat are "one being, split by fate, forced to be two," it is possible that the Other is meant to be the original entity that split into Kat and Raven at some point. Her dual voices and "dark-haired Kat" appearance would seem to support this; however, when and how this "split" occurred remains unexplained. It may be that Queen Alua's original form was as the Other, or the Other may be from a different dimension altogether—at the outset of Episode 19, Bit states, "She's from another time and place," and while this may refer to one of the two shifters, it would also lend credence to the theory that the Other is an alternate-dimension fusion of Kat and Raven.

Alternatively, it has been suggested that the Other is a version of Kat from the future, possibly the one that returns to Hekseville after descending to the bottom of the world and creating a singularity.[2] However, while the flow of time in the world of Gravity Rush is sometimes convoluted, time travel itself appears not to have been introduced into the series. Singlor and Nala's story makes some oblique references to time travel, but beyond that, time appears to advance in a single, forward direction throughout the story.

References Edit

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