• JetSetGame

    About Gravity Rush

    February 19, 2012 by JetSetGame

    Hey guys! Like many of you, I'm eagerly awaiting what looks to be one of the best games of the year for the PlayStation Vita. After hours of trolling through the dark, abysmal hole known as the Internet, I have compiled some information about the game, as well as an early psuedo-review after my impressions of it's demo.

    The game is about a young girl named Kat, who wakes up on a strange world with no memories whatsoever. Said world is falling apart, and it's up to her to defeat the strange, shadowy beasts that have begun to appear with the aid of her gravity-manipulating cat.

    The premise behind the game is that you can control gravity. In essence, after aiming in a certain direction, you can "fall" towards a building and walk up it's side. T…

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