Hello and Welcome to my blog

My name is Professor_Deep and I've just recently joined the Gravity Rush wiki to help out filling the missing gaps. Gravity Rush is my all time favorite game and I've been playing for over 15 years!!! and seeing that this wiki page is the best wiki for gravity rush right now, I've decided to give a helping hand so those new comers and get the help they need so they can to become a gravity rush fan. The things I love about gravity rush is the art which gives off a cartoonish and comic like view. This makes it look at lot like anime which is fantastic and the soundtrack is the best I've heard and the only that I actually listen off-game. This Blog is mostly gonna be about Gravity rush and Wiki stuff, maybe some other non-gravity rush stuff but those are going to be a few occasions. Well I guess this is the end so I just wanted to show a picture that will rewared for reaching this far in the post!!
Gravity rush kat girl by spensicus-d5avcz0